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  I just sent my sample to [DNA Test Today] and it was so easy. I'm glad nothing will be sent to my house."

-Ron (Nashport, OH)

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Paternity Test

Our Paternity Test uses cheek swabs and compares DNA from the alleged father(s) and child(ren) to determine paternity.

We analyze your samples at our accredited laboratory using a 16-marker DNA test. All tested areas are on the same chromosome to ensure the industry's highest possible accuracy (99.99+% for matches, 100% for mismatches). Your results are ready in 5 business days.*

To take the test, simply follow the instructions below to print-out all the necessary paperwork, collect the swab samples yourself, and mail everything to us.

About the test

Sample: Cheek cells (buccal cells)
Tested markers:
16 (on same chromosome)
99.99+% for matches,
100% for mismatches
Self-collection with swabs
Results: 5 business days*

Need a Court-Admissible, HairDNA, Forensic, or Prenatal Paternity Test?
Visit dnaplus.com.

2-Person Test
1 alleged father and 1 child

$149  $119
Summer Special

 (use coupon code SL30 when ordering - Expires 9/22/18)

Additional Person
Extra alleged father, extra child, or mother

$89 per person*

There are no additional fees or charges.

This test is available in ALL countries. Payments must be in US dollars.

* if tested at the same time

Collect and Send Instructions
Completion Time: Approx. 15 minutes

1. Click here to view and print the Sample Collection Instructions.
Print all pages.
2. Follow the Sample Collection Instructions to collect the swab samples from each person being tested.
3. Click here to view and print the Paternity Testing Form
Print all pages.
4. Complete the Paternity Testing Form.
5 Send the completed Paternity Testing Form, collected samples, and payment to:

2654 B5 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
STE # 207
Henderson, NV 89052

You may send the paperwork and samples by your preferred courier (US Post, UPS, FedEx, etc.).

For guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity, follow the "Confidentiality and Anonymity Instructions" throughout the paperwork.

Click here for a printer-friendly version of the
Collect and Send Instructions




100% Confidential and Anonymous
No material or "free kit" is mailed to you
Results in 5 business days*
Mail in your samples whenever you want - even TODAY
No waiting days for a "free kit" in the mail
No deposits or upfront fess
No hidden fees or charges
Discreet billing
All paperwork is online and ready to download
Competitive prices
Accuracy of 99.99+% for matches, 100% for mismatches - best in the industry
16-marker test for highest possible accuracy
Over 10 years experience testing paternity

DNA Test Today's Parent Company DNA PLUS is a Member of the Better Business Bureau.

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Isn't it better to collect my samples using a "free" kit instead of my own supplies?

No. There is no benefit in waiting for a "free" sample collection kit to arrive by mail because the paperwork you download from this website, and the supplies you gather to collect the samples (i.e., swabs) are the same materials other companies will send you.

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*when paying via money order or credit card




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